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Let’s Learn Together

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We, Unanimously


Wait for you, at the appropriate time, to share your experiences with joy, warmth, and fellowship 


Encourage you to be vibrant, and to share your energy as we move our school from good to great 


Listen keenly to your valuable input and suggestions 


Completes the cycle for another school year with your competence, courageous acts, and Christlike deportment 


Overly thank you for your organizational skills and family support 


Maximize every fiber of your being to build up our school one step at a time 


Endorse the complete package of activities for another productive school year.


Peace and blessings, 


The Administration 





NEW HOPE SDA SCHOOL is a private Christian institution, which promotes Christ-like principles and beliefs. It's mission is to provide quality education to children using Biblical principles to help them to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually.



The vision of NHSDAS is to educate students for success in this present life and for eternity. 

Our Philosophy

The Passion of Education

NHSDAS exists primarily to instill in its students the message of Christ, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. We desire to develop in our youth the character of God, leading each student into a close, personal connection with Christ; a better knowledge of God’s word; a desire to share and act upon knowledge received; excellence in intellectual attainment, social ease, and respect and care of the body



To provide an atmosphere in which students may become personally acquainted with Jesus as their Savior. 

To impart a thorough knowledge of the Bible as the inspired word of God. 

To guide students toward obedience to the Word of God and its principles. 

To promote reverence for God and thoughtfulness to mankind. 

To encourage students to think critically, independently, and creatively. 

To provide course selections that allow students to obtain the building blocks necessary to achieve spiritual, professional, and vocational goals. 

To provide an environment in which students will learn to value a healthful, temperate life style. 




Principal's Welcome Message

New Hope SDA School and Learning Center is truly an extraordinary place of learning. Thanks to our Amazing staff each student is Challenged with rigorous standards in high academics and behavioral expectation equity and a solid foundation.

- Mrs. Olga Simmons

Director's Welcome Message

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the staff at the New Hope SDA School and Learning Center, I am happy to welcome you on board. We look forward to a meaningful and productive partnership with you to ensure our children achieve their highest potential. We recognize that you have many other choices so because you have chosen our school all effort will be made in our partnership program to make great differences in your child education. As partners, we share the responsibility of our children’s success and want you to know that we will do our very best to carry out our responsibilities.

- Elorine Clarke

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