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Creating lasting memories together

At New Hope SDA School, we provide students with a dynamic and well-rounded experience. Our comprehensive offerings encompass a diverse range of curricula, extracurricular activities, and opportunities for community engagement. We prioritize student involvement by empowering them to actively shape their educational journey.

1st Grade

Our 1st-grade class at New Hope SDA School provides a strong foundation for your child’s educational journey. We focus on building essential literacy and numeracy skills, fostering a love for learning, and promoting a positive classroom environment. Through engaging lessons, hands-on activities, and individualized instruction, we strive to develop your child’s confidence, critical thinking abilities, and social-emotional growth.

2nd Grade

In our 2nd-grade class, we continue to build upon the skills and knowledge acquired in 1st grade. Students delve deeper into reading comprehension, written expression, and mathematical concepts. Our dedicated teachers foster a supportive and inclusive classroom environment, encouraging collaboration and independent thinking. Through interactive lessons, creative projects, and interactive technology, we aim to nurture your child’s academic progress and personal development.

3rd Grade

At the 3rd-grade level, our curriculum is designed to further expand your child’s academic horizons. We focus on developing strong foundational skills across all subject areas, including language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Our experienced educators facilitate engaging and interactive lessons, incorporating hands-on activities, group discussions, and individualized instruction. We aim to cultivate a love for learning, critical thinking skills, and a growth mindset in each student.

4th Grade

In our 4th-grade class, we provide a comprehensive and stimulating educational experience. Students explore a wide range of subjects, including language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and more. Our dedicated teachers create a dynamic and supportive learning environment, encouraging students to think critically, collaborate with their peers, and develop effective study skills. Through project-based learning, interactive technology, and engaging activities, we prepare students for further academic success while nurturing their personal and social growth.

Elementary School

School Time is, first and foremost, a school where children are happy, confident, and enthusiastic learners. In the summer term of 2015, we had a successful inspection.

Middle School

There are two classes for each year group, with a total of 420 pupils from Reception to Year 6. Attainment has been consistently ‘outstanding’ for the last five years.

Learning Center

While we aim to ensure every child reaches their full potential academically, they are also taught that they can be successful in many different ways. This could be anything. Our Learning Center was created as a safe place where each child can continue their individual and collaborative growth.

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